Guidelines / Terms of Use

Guidelines / Terms of Use

Applicable content of these guidelines

S-Pro official characters, which Shirayuri Production. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") has exclusive copyrights and other rights, and related works, performances, and exhibitions for which we have copyright. Copyrighted works such as (hereinafter collectively referred to as "this content")

Targets of these guidelines

To all "individuals" or "non-corporate groups" around the world (If you are a corporation, please contact us individually at [email protected])

Purpose of these guidelines

To provide clear and proper guidelines for all "individuals" or "non-corporate groups" around the world regarding use, sales, distribution and and other content/activities that refer to Shirayuri Production or it's official characters.

Article 1 | General Rules

1. By publishing the secondary creation work of this content or publicizing it, you (i) agree to all the contents of this guideline, and (ii) our company uses the method specified in paragraph 4 It is assumed that you have been granted permission to use the following original work. If you do not agree with the content of this guideline or if you do not authorize us to use your secondary creation in accordance with the method specified in paragraph 4, we will be the copyright holder of this content. Disclosure or use may be prohibited.

2. As long as it complies with the provisions of these guidelines, you do not need to apply or contact us regarding the use of this content. Please observe the rules that are customary in secondary creation culture and enjoy yourself freely.

3. In addition to these guidelines, if your intentions are separately announced by an similar or rival company, please also refer to them. We would appreciate it if you could create and publish a work that respects their content as well.

4. We may use your secondary creations/content for live distribution, SNS, etc., or to consult about official distribution and making goods. In addition, by using the official tags of Shirayuri Production or original characters, designated by each official live, you can enjoy secondary creation activities closer to the official content. Please use it when posting secondary creations.

5. By enjoying the secondary creation of this content, you agree to make United States law, the governing law.

Article 2 | Terms of Use

1. Please enjoy the secondary creation activities with respect and understanding not only for this content but also for the activities of the fan community and all other creators who create secondary creations.

2. Let's respect the rights of others when creating secondary works.

3. Please do not mistake it as or claim it to be an official work.Works with the following expressions cannot be published or publicized.
    A. Those that violate this guideline, individual rules established by our company, the purpose and purpose of this content
    B. Those that significantly impair the image of our company or this content or damage the honor and dignity of a third party
    C. Containing expressions that are offensive to public order and morals or are intended for specific ideas or beliefs or religious or politics
    D. Those that infringe the rights of third parties

5. We shall obtain prior approval from the Company regarding monetization beyond the scope of Article 3 or use for public relations / advertising purposes with excessive profitability.

Article 3 | Terms of use in regards to sales

1. As a general rule, you can sell secondary creations of this content as long as you are not affiliated with a corporation. Please enjoy the creating any secondary works in the scope of a hobby.

2. Official materials (voices, images, videos, logos, etc.), traces of official materials, and works that directly use the creations of third parties cannot be sold even for non-profit purposes. This does not apply to music arrangements.

3. 3D objects such as figures and garage kits can only be sold at events if you receive prior approval from Shirayuri Production. Please contact use at [email protected] for approval.

4. Among the secondary creations, products based on products licensed by us to third parties cannot be sold even for non-commercial purposes.

5. Even for free distribution, this content and its secondary creations cannot be used to promote other activities.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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