What is a Vtuber?
A Vtuber, portmanteau of Virtual YouTuber, is an online content creator that uses a virtual avatar, usually in an anime-inspired artstyle, while streaming to an audience. Vtubers are not limited to a streaming platform.

What is Shirayuri Production?
‍Shirayuri Production is an English based Vtuber agency produced by fans for fans. 

What does Shirayuri Production offer to the talents?
Shirayuri Production can offer talents advice, opportunities for performances, management, and resources.

How involved is Shirayuri Production management with my Vtubing?
Management at Shirayuri Production is all dependent on the talent. We will assist with management according to the preferences of the Vtuber.

What are the requirements of joining Shirayuri Production?
- Be at least 18 years old
- Be able to stream at least 2 times a week (Exceptions will be made as needed. Health and real life issues come    first!)
- Be able to commit for at least a year

Can I keep my own design if I have one already?
‍Yes. You will be able to design your own Vtuber or keep your prior design/avatar even after joining Shirayuri Production.

Can I send gifts to the talents? How do I send gifts to the talents?
Yes, gifts can be sent to the talents. Gifts for members of Shirayuri Production should be sent to the following address.
*Please do not bring gifts directly to the address in person.
*Please contact us via [email protected] for any further questions as well as exceptions.

Present for : [talent’s name]
Shirayuri Production
4067 Hardwick Ave.
Lakewood, CA 90712

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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